All About Foundry Box Media's ICON Notification Tool

All About Foundry Box Media's ICON Notification Tool

The ICON Notification Tool allows ICONists to track their wallets for transactions, account balance updates and I-Score updates. Instead of constantly checking your wallet, you can set the parameters to your liking and focus on other things until you receive an email alert. 

Any ICON wallet can be tracked with this function, allowing users to monitor multiple accounts or even "contracts" that are used for apps.

Get started by setting up your own ICON notifications on the tool here:

There are currently 7 trackable features available in this tool

New Transaction

This notification updates you anytime there is an incoming transaction on your wallet. This setting is useful for accounts with a high number of incoming transactions, which can be burdensome to track manually. Alternatively, accounts with little-to-no activity can set this notification to alert them of activity on their account, however uncommon. 

New Transaction From

If tracking all transactions becomes unruly, you can limit the parameters by detailing the From wallet you want to keep an eye on. This can be used as a tool to track incoming transactions from your own accounts elsewhere or to track another account from which you are expecting a transaction. 

You can set as many alerts as you like. In the event that you have three accounts you want to track, set up three alerts!

Account Balance Change

This setting allows you to set notifications for your ICX. These alerts will come any time the ICX balance on your designated wallet raises or lowers. Because staking your ICON technically counts as lowering your balance, that is not included in the measurement. This balance measures only unstaked ICON. 

Account Balance Less Than

If you're wanting to set an alert for when your ICX account goes below a certain minimum, this is the setting for you. This might come in handy if you've set a limit and don't want to track it manually. 

Account Balance Greater Than

This notification let's you know when your ICON balance reaches a certain level. If you have ICON coming in from multiple sources, it might be a good notification to let you know when you've reached a goal or an amount you plan to start staking or trading with. 

I-Score Updated

With I-Score updates being somewhat difficult to predict, this setting creates a notification anytime your I-Score updates. 

I-Score Greater Than

If you aren't looking for an alert for each I-Score update, you can set a threshold instead. This notification will arrive when your I-Score reaches the amount you set in your alert. 

What other features are coming?

This is a tool that Foundry Box Media plans to continue development on. Below are some of the future updates in the works: 

SMS alerts: Allows users to receive alerts via text message, for those extra important notifications. 

P-Rep Node Status: Set an alert to be notified any time a P-Reps Node Status goes online or offline.

Unstaking Alert: Rather than checking your staking status, get a notification when your coin is unstaked.

Batching: For mass alerts, we will compile them together into a summary notification. 

by Brian Gates
9/26/2019 6:24:04 PM