Foundry Box Media - Where have you been?

Foundry Box Media - Where have you been?


I wanted to reach out to you to provide an update since, unfortunately, we have been quiet for awhile now and you deserve some explanation. In short, I have been dealing with some fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic for some time which has distracted me from our initiatives and efforts for ICON. Fortunately this has, largely, passed and i'm excited to get the ball rolling again and build on the ICON network.

This is an exciting time for ICON and we are still very much determined to help ICON grow in the best way we know how and, currently, that is to build and launch tools and applications on the network that will bring users and adoption. Our roadmap has been updated to reflect this for the near term.

We will continue to support, update and refine our existing tools (notification tool & ICONalyst) but, there should be some expectation that the scope of these projects has changed over the last couple of months as the ICON network has matured, other P-Reps have launched awesome tools and initiatives of their own and more. We will continue to try and bring value to ICON users through these tools, but these were, ultimately, only a small and initial part of our goals as a P-rep.

We will also be looking for opportunities to share our knowledge and experience with others within the regional southwest through workshops, conventions and/or other software development events when it becomes safe to do so.

Lastly, most of our efforts will be focused on our first ICON powered application that we have been planning for some time. In short we are designing a loyalty and incentives platform to facilitate unique and engaging loyalty programs for businesses and customers alike. Originally the design was framed outside the context of block chain as a centralized platform, but blockchain and, ICON specifically, are the perfect place to develop a platform such as this. Ultimately, we are working onr a formal proposal for a grant request for this project first. It's ambitious and being able to get additional help to get an actual product out the door would serve everyone and the network better! Keep an eye out for additional details on this project soon.

Finally I just want to thank our existing voters for your votes, patience and support, our P-Rep peers for continuing to do what you do best and making ICON awesome and to the ICON Foundation for the amazing and continued work you've put into the network! 2020 Has been rough for a lot of people, but it's still turning out to be one hell of a year for ICONists!

by Brandon W
4/24/2020 3:03:43 PM