What is an I-Score and how do I Claim My Rewards?

What is an I-Score and how do I Claim My Rewards?

Once you have ICON staked, you start generating rewards. Your reward rate is based on a number of factors, the first of which is the amount of ICON you have staked. So if the reward rate is currently 8%, you will get that percentage in return rate of your overall staked amount.

The overall reward rate varies depending on how much of the total network is staked. If more of the network is staked, the reward rate decreases. This is actually seen as a benefit to investors in the long run. While your reward rate may be lower, the network is stronger and more stabilized through the mass quantities of staked ICON.

What is I-Score?

Your staking rewards are accrued as I-Score, which serves as a sub-token of ICX. 1,000 I-Score is equivalent to 1 ICX. You can view your I-Score at any time in your ICON wallet under the voting tab. This is also where you can claim your rewards, converting the I-Score to ICX and adding to your wallet. 


by Brian Gates
9/25/2019 3:52:27 PM