What's new with Foundry Box Media?

What's new with Foundry Box Media?

Foundry Box Media has been busy developing applications and expanding involvement of the ICON community. Read below for all of our updates. 

ICON Notification Tool

The ICON Notification Tool allows users to set up alerts for a number of ICON chain events (such as transactions on specific accounts) and ICON Network events (such as I-Score updates or account balance updates). This feature launch is the first of several phases of development, with future plans to implement SMS messaging, social media integrations, HTTP/S endpoint calls and further expanding the available rules to include P-Rep productivity, Node status and other specific events on chain.

Register on foundryboxmedia.com and set up your notifications on the tool here


Demonstrating a focus on transparency, Foundry Box Media has expanded the P-Rep Portal to include automated task fetching for budget accounts, allowing annotation of transactions as they are logged in the system to describe their purpose. This allows ICX holders to clearly see Foundry Box Media's transactions to get a better idea of what they're voting for with this P-Rep. 

Community Blog

If you're reading this, you've found Foundry Box Media's new blog. The blog has been kicked off with A Beginner's Guide to Investing in ICON, which is the all-inclusive launching point for those who are interested in ICON and don't know where to start. This guide is one of the ways Foundry Box Media intends to contribute to growth in the ICON community. 

The Beginner's Guide to Investing in ICON is a five-piece series, including the following articles:

  1. Why Invest in ICON?
  2. How to Acquire ICON
  3. What is a P-Rep and How do I Stake My Coin?
  4. What to Consider When Staking your Coin
  5. What is an I-Score and How do I Claim My Rewards?

Personnel Growth

Foundry Box Media hired media veteran Brian Gates as Lead Content and Marketing Coordinator. 

"As a veteran in the media industry with a strong focus on public relations, I see opportunity to broaden the horizons for ICON in the public light," Gates said. "Foundry Box Media is a place where I can focus on this effort while fulfilling the company's responsibility in supporting the ICON community."

Featured in Iconist

In case you missed it, Foundry Box Media was featured in Iconist. Read the article here to learn more about our company's mission. 

The Road Ahead

Delay in ICONcensus shouldn't mean delays for P-Reps. Foundry Box Media is full steam ahead! Continue to check Foundry Box Media's Development Roadmap for these and future updates, including a Community Management release, expanded utilization of the Notification Tool, and continued development of the "Bounty Cat" DApp.

by Brian Gates
9/25/2019 9:54:54 PM