Foundry Box Media

Foundry Box Media is an ICON P-Rep (public representative) and software development company with a passion for all things ICON, web application and decentralized application (DApp) development and digital marketing.

Why Foundry
Box Media?

With over a decade of software development experience in e-commerce and data management platforms we can bring real use cases to blockchain and, more specifically, the ICON network.
We are actively developing several applications, tools and resources to help grow the ICON network and help others engage with and build ICON powered applications. Check out our road map!
In addition to reaching out locally and regionally through direct marketing initiatives, conferences and tech meet ups, Foundry Box Media is also launching an ongoing digital advertising campaign aimed at bringing ICON to new markets and customers. See our P-Rep declarations page for more info
In addition to developing tools & marketing for ICON, our delegation strategy puts ICON and it's community first. We are commiting 25% of our gross rewards toward marketing & promoting ICON and an additional 40% after marketing and operating expenses to empowering and funding others who contribute to the network meaningfully through grants contests at the community's discretion. Check out our P-Rep Portal to see budget breakdowns in action!

What we're saying!